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Lick Mat (w/ suction cups)

This modern silicone round lick mat is perfect for snack time, feeding, stimulation or just an easy way to distract your pooch during bath time! This mat has multi suction on the bottom to prevent sliding. After your mat is full of goodies, pop it in the freezer to keep your pooch busy longer.

Description: * Made from non toxic, food-grade silicone, this sturdy round lick mat is free of plastics, BPA, and phthalates. This mat is very tough to break.  

* Multiple suction cups on bottom to prevent sliding. *

When dogs quickly gulp down their meals, issues like bloat, obesity, and choking can arise.
Many vets recommend a slow feeder bowl to aid in healthy digestion.


Size: * 8.25” across and 1” tall

Care Instructions: * Keep your lick mat clean by washing it regularly with soap and water.

* It’s dishwasher safe and freezer safe.


We always recommend supervision while feeding your pet any treat or chew. Please remember to give ample water to help with digestion.


At this time we do not have the ability to accept returns. We can not give a refund once the box has been shipped.  We will do our best to help you have a wonderful doggy day!


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