Doggy Day Box!

$40.00 or $30.00 / month

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Doggy Day Box is a Subscription or One Time Purchase of all natural dog treats!

Get you pet a great surprise every month!

30 or more treats delivered directly to you.

1 Beef Trachea, 1 Beef Jr Chew, 4 Bully Snaps, 1 Cow Nose, 4 Chicken Feet, 1 Duck Heads, 2 Green Lipped Mussels, 10 Herring Fish, 11 Pork Liver Cookies!

We find the high quality natural dog treats and pass the savings along to you!

We provide you with a great product without all the frill.

A variety of proteins including:

  • Beef!
  • Chicken!
  • Fish!
  • Duck!
  • Mussels!
  • Pork!

Each box has a range of treats from light snack to heavier chews. This box is full of a healthy diversity for your doggy! Treats will vary per month.


These products are sourced from K9 Kraving. All treats are dehydrated and no preservatives are used.

Beef Trachea

Beef Jr Chew

Chicken Feet

Cow Nose

Pork Liver Cookie

All treats are dehydrated and no preservatives are used. K-9 Chews & Lasting Chews are 100% natural dog treats and Made in the USA. K-9 Kraving Chew & Lasting Chews are free of preservatives, dyes, added sugars, cereal grains, glutens, nitrates, chemicals and soluble carbohydrates

Primitive Choice provides the green lipped mussels that are freeze dried to preserve all the nutrients!

Duck Heads are provided by Farm Hounds Transparently sourced from 100% humanely raised duck these dehydrated chews are highly digestible and humanely raised to support regenerative agriculture.

Bully Snaps are from the Natural Dog Company. The Bully Snaps are made up of ground beef, beef skin, and beef pizzle, that has been mixed up and formed into a stick shape and baked. The texture is firm to the touch, but crunches easily – it is not as durable as a traditional bully stick.

Icelandic+ provides the Herring Whole Fish. 100% edible and digestible pure whole fish treats for dogs containing herring & cod promotes healthy skin and coat with omega-3 fatty acids!


We found great deals and share them with you.

Each treat is sourced from trusted dog treat companies.


At this time we do not have the ability to accept returns. We can not give a refund once the box has been shipped.  We will do our best to help you have a wonderful doggy day!


We ship through USPS which usually takes 5-8 Doggy Days. Tails are wagging and working hard over here so that you get your Doggy Day Box ASAP!

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