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5 Cod & Shrimp Bites

5 Cod & Salmon Bites

10 Cod Chips

5 Herring Fish

10 Salmon Chips

2 Shrimp (Whole)

10-15 Baby Shrimp

5 Octopus (whole)

All Fish & Seafood Items!

– Salmon

– Shrimp

– Cod

– Herring

– Octopus

Items are subject to change as the seasons change.

Naked Beast makes the Dehydrated Octopus.

What the Raw makes the dehydrated Shrimp.

Arya Sit makes the freeze dried baby shrimp.

Icelandic+ makes the bite size pieces of salmon chip, cod chip, cod&salmon bite, cod& shrimp bites!

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Seafood Box, 5 Shrimp, Octopus (2oz), Large Seafood Box


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