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Doggy Day Box is a Subscription of all natural dog treats! Get your pet a…

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Doggy Day Box

Pig Ears (5)

$20.00 available on subscription

5 Pig Ears Dried Pig Ear is a great treat for your dog. Pig ears are…

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Pig Foot

Pig Foot


Pig Foot 1 Pig foot These crunchy and deliciously pork treats will have your dogs…

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WestPaw Qwizl Treat Dispenser and Holder

Qwizl Puzzle Toy & Holder


WestPaw Qwizl Treat Dispenser & Holder! BUILT FOR TOUGH CHEWERS Qwizl is a super tough…

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WestPaw Toppl Treat Dispenser

Toppl Puzzle Toy


WestPaw Toppl  Treat Dispenser! BUILT FOR MODERATE CHEWERS A dishwasher safe, customizable puzzle and treat…

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YakCheese Waffle

Yak Cheese Waffle


Yak Cheese Waffle 1  Bag Light Chew! Easily broken and great for puppies or senior…

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Give your best friend delicious all-natural treats by ordering our variety pack of dog treats from Doggy Day Box! Choose from a one-time purchase or enjoy healthy dog treats every month, curated by our team who knows what dogs want. Our dog treat variety packs are full of all-natural delicious chews with varying textures that can hold up to both light and tough chewing. Our nutritious dog treats can clean your dog’s teeth, improve gut health, and just give your pet something healthy and natural to eat. “All natural” means no additives, colors, or artificial ingredients, just good natural flavors with our variety pack of dog treats.